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Jen is a software engineer who loves security, linux, hacking on open source, and delights in the weird and the wonderful.

Jen values experimentation and Getting Shit Done. Having spent a career in infosec and building product, she co-founded Threat Stack, and has contributed to several open source projects.

She enjoys writing and speaking about things related to the topics above.


  • Technical Advisor Board Member - SaltDNA
  • Co-founder, Board Member - Threat Stack, Inc
  • Chief Scientist - Threat Stack, Inc
  • Research Engineer - Mandiant (Acquired by FireEye)

I'm also an organizer for the Boston Golang Meetup Group. We host Go-related meetups in Boston!



more... and more...

Open Source

  • codetainer (author), Docker containers in your browser
  • batten (author), Batten, security auditing tool for Docker
  • safe commit hook (author), Git hook for preventing bad check-ins
  • brosquery (author), Querying Bro logs from OSQuery
  • keyutils (author), Go bindings for libkeyutils
  • procfs (author), a /proc library interface for Go
  • Pigsty (author), a unified spooler (to replace barnyard2)
  • Snorby (contributor), A snort front end




Where to Find Me